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Beyblade Metal Fusion Solid Iron Showdown for $14.24

Choose among each top?s five pieces and use the assembly tool to engineer just the right performance. Then, set each up on their launchers, pull the ripcords and send them spinning into action. Sharpen your skills or battle it out in any Beystadium arena-sold separately. Battle your friends to see who will be the champion. Customization leads to never ending fun
Posted 3 years ago
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Beyblade Metal Fusion Solid Iron Showdown
$14.24 $18.99

Beyblade Tornado Destroyer for $4.99

Compete against existing and new battle tops. take battles further on beyblade.com and enter your code. Compete with others on-line. New tops keep action at an all time high. Battle until the last top is spinning
Posted 3 years ago
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Beyblade Tornado Destroyer
$4.99 $10.99